10 Body changes during the first trimester of pregnancy

A normal pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks. These pregnancy weeks are divided into three trimesters in which the first trimester starts on your first day after your last period and lasts until week 12.

A lot of things changes when you step into this phase of your life, primarily your body. Let’s explore the body changes during the first trimester.

What is the first sign of pregnancy?

The first sign of pregnancy is a missed period. There are chances of some mild cramps and little bleeding as the fertilized egg got implanted in your uterus.

The first best method to check your pregnancy is a home pregnancy test. After missing your period if you think you are pregnant, you should try a home pregnancy test by using the pregnancy kit. This test will give you an accurate result when taken a few days after you missed your period.

After taking the home pregnancy test, you can visit the doctor to confirm your pregnancy. Your doctor will also talk about the prenatal care.

Why do I feel so tired?

physical changes during first trimester of your pregnancy

During early pregnancy, you feel very tired which is a very common symptom. As your body is undergoing changes due to pregnancy, it leads to extreme fatigue. You may increase your sleeping time as you need more rest during the night. If possible, you can take small power naps during the daytime.

In the first trimester, you will feel lethargic and low in energy most of the time. But, your energy will most likely be back as the second trimester of your pregnancy starts.

What is morning sickness during pregnancy?

what to expect in first trimester of pregnancy

Many pregnant women during the first trimester of their pregnancy, experience nausea and vomiting which is known as morning sickness.
Pregnancy hormones are the cause of morning sickness. It can be experienced anytime in the day, not just morning. You will feel sick and sometimes vomits due to some foods and odours. If you are empty stomach you may feel sicker.

Morning sickness is a common symptom which usually occurs just after a few days you miss your period. For almost every pregnant woman, it disappears as the second trimester starts.

The changes in your body will last until pregnancy, but the beauty of motherhood will embrace you for the rest of your life. Let us have a look at these changes.

10 body changes during the first trimester of your pregnancy

1. You urinate frequently

As your pregnancy gets older in the first trimester of pregnancy, your uterus will grow in size. This increased size uterus will start pushing your bladder more often due to which you may feel urinating in short intervals.

You will really feel that extra pressure on your bladder when you sneeze and cough.

2. Your belly starts growing

body changes during first trimester of pregnancy

You will see an expansion in your waistline with the growth of your baby and uterus in this trimester. It also depends upon your body size before pregnancy. Mostly the larger size of belly comes into notice as the first trimester ends.

3. Emotional symptoms

These are the symptoms which are related to or you can say ‘caused due to’ pregnancy hormones. You will feel irritated, moody and sometimes you will not be able to concentrate.

4. You will feel Lightheaded

1 month pregnant symptoms

You might feel dizzy or light-headed as your body is working hard or we can say ‘overtime’ to prepare surplus blood in order to support your baby.

This symptom can also be due to fatigue or hunger. But, sometimes this dizziness can be severe if you are also having an abdominal pain or a vaginal bleeding. In that case, you need to rush to your doctor immediately.

You might have a risk of ectopic pregnancy which is a life-threatening situation. Ectopic pregnancy is an early pregnancy outside the uterus.

5. Heartburn during pregnancy

first trimester symptoms pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body takes more time to digest or absorb nutrients because the digestive process in your body becomes slower due to pregnancy hormones.

As the digestive tract in your body is relaxed, the food stays in your tummy for a longer time period which may cause heartburn.

6. Constipation problem

Bloating, gas and constipation is a common problem due to slower digestion. If you are taking any prenatal vitamin like iron, then it can also be a reason for constipation. Doctors often suggest for taking fibre supplements or stool softener which helps in constipation.

For any severe constipation problem, you must consult your doctor as he or she might replace your prenatal vitamin.

7. Your veins start getting visible

emotional changes during first trimester of pregnancy

The blue veins in your body start getting visible in few areas like your breasts, legs and abdomen.

Your body makes extra blood by pumping your heart to meet the needs of pregnancy. That is when; you may develop small-small spider blood vessels on your boobs, abdomen, neck, arms and legs.

8. Skin Changes

You may get a ‘pregnancy glow’  or your skin might look shiny due to increased blood circulation in your body.

Also, pregnancy hormones can be a reason for an oily skin which can lead to temporary acne problems. This acne which flared up during pregnancy disappears after your delivery.

9. Breast changes during pregnancy

changes in breast during first trimester of pregnancy

A lot of women notice changes in their breasts at an early stage of pregnancy. The hormones in an expecting mother change to make it ready for breastfeeding. You may feel that your breasts have swollen which is due to the hormonal changes. Also, you might feel small bumps around your nipples.

The change in the breast is a very common body change during the first trimester of pregnancy.

You will see a continuous growth and changes in your breasts throughout your pregnancy. In your third trimester, it will be even bigger and fuller.

10. Vaginal Changes

You may notice the lining of your vagina has become thicker and less sensitive. There are also some common symptoms in the form of vaginal discharge and spotting. Vaginal discharge is a thin white discharge and spotting is mild vaginal bleeding.

However any kind of bleeding during pregnancy is not normal, you must consult your gynae doctor immediately if you have any kind of vaginal bleeding.

Critical Symptoms during first trimester of pregnancy

what are the body changes during pregnancy

Following are a few symptoms which clearly indicates that there is something wrong with your pregnancy.

  • Severe abdominal pain or cramps in the stomach
  • Any type of bleeding
  • Severe dizziness
  • Rapid weight loss

If you experience any of these symptoms at any point in your early pregnancy, you must immediately consult your gynae doctor.

You will experience various changes in your body during different stages of your pregnancy. Most of the body changes from the first trimester except the morning sickness and dizziness will be present in all the three trimesters. Your second trimester will be less troublesome as compared to the first trimester.

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