24 Health benefits of ginger you must know

Ginger or Zingiberofficinale dates back to 3000 years and is one of the elementary spices of a number of culinary delights. Due to the amazing health benefits of ginger, it has occupied a revered place in almost every Indian household.

By reading this article you can get to know the different uses of ginger to keep yourself healthy.

Various health benefits of ginger

While counting on the numerous health benefits of ginger on men and women, the list seems to go endless. Taking 1-1.5 gm. of ginger can be a cure for a number of health issues.

Let us explain the benefits and usage of this herb in detail.

What does ginger do for you?

what does ginger do for you

A few more things to learn about this amazing spice herb which is packed with various medicinal components:

  • Reduces your bad cholesterol
  • Reduces flatulence and bloating. Prevents stomach ulcers also.
  • Improves brain function and works as a memory booster due to the presence of anti-oxidants.
  • Proven effects in treating eczema.
  • Inhibits the growth of oral bacteria which leads to inflammation of the gums.
  • The bioactive compounds and anti-oxidants present in ginger enhance your brain functions. Therefore ginger prevents age-related cognitive disorders.

Ginger tea benefits

ginger tea benefits

While considering the multifarious use of ginger, don’t miss out ginger tea as a traditional and therapeutic beverage. What does ginger do for you when it is consumed as ginger tea?

Here are some of the amazing health benefits of ginger tea that may interest you:

1. Healthy immune system

Down the centuries ginger has been serving as a remedy for boosting our immunity due to its anti-histamine and anti-bacterial properties.
Ginger is also a rich source of anti-oxidants which improves your immunity and help you fight against chronic diseases.

A cup of ginger tea taken every day reduces your bad cholesterol (LDL) and protects you against common inflammation.

2. Pain reliever

Many among us prefer a cup of ginger tea to keep away flu and cold. But, do you know how ginger tea benefits us as an amazing pain reliever?

Ginger has a high amount of anti-inflammatory properties that fight against the pain of any kind. Taking a cup of ginger tea every day can protect you from muscle pain, menstrual cramps or even arthritis pain.

Therefore, after knowing this excellent health benefit of ginger, you can easily consider taking a cup of ginger tea instead of strong analgesics.

3. Powerful expectorant

ginger for respiration

Suffering from breathing problem and congested lungs?

Don’t forget to include ginger tea in your list of home remedies for your problem. Ginger helps in clearing mucus from your lungs and easing your respiration.

Of all the ginger tea benefits, it is an amazing expectorant that you can avail without a pocket pinch.

4. A powerful emmenagogue

Do you have painful menses and prolonged bleeding?

Try ginger tea as a perfect antidote for your problem. Ginger helps in stimulation of the uterine contractions. Therefore, the inner lining along with the dead cells of your uterus pass out without effort through menstrual blood.

Smoother the process lesser is the pain you feel.

5. Lose weight happily

You must be happy to know how ginger tea benefits you to get rid of excess weight.
If you consume a cup of ginger tea, it will keep you satiated for a long time without really affecting your general weight.

Ginger tea burns your calories and therefore keeps your body weight under control. One survey shows people who consume ginger tea on a regular basis have slimmer waists and low BMI.

6. No more stress

You must be wondering how can ginger be your mood buster?

Yes, you heard it right!

We often take ginger tea to get rid of work stress or depressed mood.  Even, if we are in a low mood due to congestion, ginger tea is a saver.

Ginger has shown proven results in suppressing the levels of cortisol and boosting that of serotonin.

Therefore, a cup of piping hot ginger tea can give your dose of natural sedative when nothing seems to work!

7. Motion sickness

Ginger has proven effects in soothing nerves. Therefore, consuming a cup of ginger tea can relieve you from a migraine, headache, vomiting and jet lag due to a long journey.

Ginger benefits for skin

ginger benefits for skin

While talking about the numerous health benefits of ginger, we should not miss out on its demagogical benefits. Some of them are listed below:

8. Prevents ageing

Can you believe a small bulb of ginger contains about 40 antioxidants that safeguard your skin against ageing?

The anti-oxidants improve blood circulation, retain elasticity, provide nourishment and prevent your skin from the free radicals. Therefore, the process of ageing is slowed down making your skin look youthful.

9. Solves acne problem

You cannot do away with the multiple uses of ginger for treating your skin problems.

Acne is a common problem for many women. Ginger helps your skin fight against the bacteria which causes acne. It also reduces the growth rate of acne and the irritation of your skin due to acne problem.

10. Get a blemish free skin

uses of ginger

Who does not wish to possess a flawless skin and flaunt her beauty before others?

To remove blemishes from your skin, make friends with ginger which is a useful natural cleanser.

Ginger is also a powerful antiseptic and therefore, it keeps your skin clean and free from any fungal infection. Regular use of ginger keeps your skin radiating and smooth.

11. No more white scars

White scars (hypo-pigmentation) on your skin occur due to loss of pigmentation and they often reduce your confidence level.
Now, what does ginger do for you to manage this problem?

It can help your white scars become a little fader if you use them regularly.

Cut a thin slice of ginger and dab it gently on the affected area of your skin. Leave it for a few minutes and then wash off.  Within a week or two you will see a noticeable change in your pigmented areas.

12. Heals burns

Applying the juice of freshly grated ginger can relieve you from burnt pain and remove the burnt scars.
You can also use slices of ginger for topical application on your burnt skin to retain your skin tone after a burn injury. Make sure you use freshly cut ginger slices every time you use it on your skin.

13. Improves skin tone

Besides being a great superfood and a strong flavouring agent for some great culinary delights, ginger can do magic on your skin.
Ginger is rich in anti-oxidant properties which help in retaining your skin tone.

Apply a cold (keep in the refrigerator) mask of 2 tbsp. of grated ginger mixed with 2 tbsp. of honey and 1 tsp. of lemon juice on your skin. Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash off with cold water.

Your skin will look tightened and become soft within a few weeks.

How to eat ginger

how to eat ginger

Ginger is used as a spice in various cuisines down the centuries as it adds to the flavour and taste of a dish.
What does ginger do for you when you consume it raw? How to eat ginger in various other ways?
Let us answer these questions one by one.

  • In the soup!

Are you down with congestion due to seasonal change and do not feel like having a proper meal?

A bowl of hot soup with pureed veggies or shredded chicken seasoned with grated ginger can really add a spicy zest to your platter. Ginger helps in clearing your phlegm and blocked nose.

  • Spicy curries

Want to make something hot and spicy during winter for lunch?

A hot curry made with raw eggs or cubed chicken with a dash of ginger paste can be all that you need to keep away the cold.

You can also prepare ginger chicken as a side dish for steamed or fried rice.

  • Sweetened ginger

If you have a sweet tooth and want to take ginger in its sweetened form there are a lot of options for you. You can make pies, cookies and pancakes to adding powdered ginger for a zesty flavour.

Taking ginger candies is also one of the best ways of enjoying the health benefits of ginger.

  • Tea delight

benefits of ginger tea

What can make your winter afternoon more special than sipping into a cup of brewing ginger tea and enjoying a family time?

Brew a few teas leave in a saucepan by pouring boiling water into it. Add a few juliennes of ginger into the soaked tea leaves.  You can also add a few drops of lemon juice and honey into the concoction to make it a perfect winter tonic.

Drinking this mixture twice daily will give you the best ginger tea benefits during winter.

  • Brew it up!

Drinking a glass of brewed ginger with 1 tsp. honey and juice of half a lemon will reduce your cholesterol. It also helps effectively in weight loss and detoxifies your system.

To reap the benefits of ginger water, take this mixture every morning in an empty stomach.

Ginger benefits for women

ginger benefits for women

Here are some of the not very common benefits especially for women’s health.

14. Ginger for morning sickness

Ginger has an age-old history of curing morning sickness in women during pregnancy.

15. Relieves Nausea

It also relieves patients from nausea and vomiting post-surgery.

16. For Motion Sickness

Ginger also shows effective results in treating motion sickness.

17. Ginger helps in joint and muscle pain

One of the common problems of women in their middle age is osteoarthritis. A study made on 247 patients show ginger extract has a positive impact on relieving joint pain and muscle stiffness.

18. Ginger for Arthritis

A concoction made of ginger cinnamon, mastic and sesame oil can cure arthritis pain when applied topically.

19. Ginger gives relieve during menstrual pain

Ginger has a traditional value in treating dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain) in women. A study shows 1 gm. of grounded ginger taken on the first three days of the menstrual cycle can relieve you from the cramps.

Ginger benefits for men

ginger benefits for men

We all know about the traditional health benefits of ginger as for treating diarrhoea, indigestion or nausea. But it is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for men’s health.  Below are listed some important uses of ginger for men:

20. Prostate Cancer

This is one problem that affects millions of elderly men across the world every year.

Researchers found in a study that ginger extract has a significant effect in preventing the growth of cancer cells of the prostate.

21. Erectile Dysfunction

Ginger is known for its aphrodisiac properties.

Ginger has trace amounts of potassium, magnesium, Vitamin B6 and manganese. All these compounds play a significant role in stimulating blood circulation in the male reproductive organ. As a result, they help in treating your erectile dysfunction.

Manganese helps in the release of the male sex hormone testosterone and consequently boosts your sperm production.

22.  Colorectal cancer

One of the leading causes of male mortality in the United States is colon cancer.

In a study at the University of Minnesota, scientists found that ginger contains a phytonutrient called Gingerol (which gives the zesty flavour of ginger). Due to the presence of this compound, ginger can act as a preventive supplement against colon cancer.

23. Diabetes

According to a research made by the University of Maryland Medical Centre, ginger can regulate your blood sugar level and prevent type-2 diabetes in men.

Ginger contains manganese and magnesium that can effectively treat your complications related to diabetes.

24. Ginger protects from heart disease

How can you reap the health benefits of ginger in treating your heart problem?

Ginger is a rich source of Vitamin B6, potassium and magnesium. Vitamin B6 helps in lowering your blood pressure while magnesium and potassium prevent clogging of your arteries and thereby protecting your heart health.

The Monk’s Advice

This article gives you some unknown facts about the multiple health benefits of ginger. However, if you have any chronic ailment, consult your general physician before embarking on any of these remedies.

So read, enlighten and start using this amazing super herb in as many ways as you like!


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