How to do detox your liver quickly?

Our liver is the biggest endocrine gland of our body. It is also our chief filtration organ which cleanses our blood and eliminates toxins from our body. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to detox your liver and keeps it clean of fat and other unhealthy accumulation.

There are various medical treatment methods by which you can get rid of a toxic liver. But that may involve a good deal of expenditure and the usual side effects of allopathic medicines. So, how about trying liver detox home remedies that can work as effective liver detox help for you?

Home remedies give you long term effectiveness and are mostly easy to apply. Most of the things you can get in hand and it not burn a hole in your pocket.

In this article we shall discuss how you can avail the benefits of a few liver cleansing home remedies:

When do you need to detox your liver?

In the past few years, various products have infiltrated the market purporting their potential effectiveness in protecting your liver health. According to [1] TinsayWoreta, hepatologist of John Hopkins Medicines Institute, there are some persistent myths regarding detoxification of your liver. Such myths need to be reassessed.

Let us find out how liver detox can help you achieve quality living:

  1. Are you overindulged in the consumption of alcohol and other harmful habits? It is important to detox your liver.
  2. Detoxification of the liver and losing excess weight are two intricately linked factors. If you can get rid of obesity, it will help in your liver cleansing.

Doing regular work out is one of the best liver detox methods that you do at home.

Two Facts about liver cleansing nobody will tell you:

liver cleansing for fatty liver
1. No proven evidence detoxing your liver can cure your existing liver problems. But, you can detoxify your liver by availing the vaccines of Hepatitis A and B.

2. Last but not the least, a healthy liver purifies your blood and flushes out toxins out of your body. So, it is an absolute necessity to cleanse your liver for keeping your overall health in fine fettle.

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Effective liver detox home remedies

Our liver becomes toxic when we overwhelm it with foods and beverages that are harmful to its normal functioning. Usually processed and fried foods and alcoholic beverages are responsible for a toxic liver problem. How to heal your liver from the accumulation of such toxins?

Here are some liver detox home remedies that are easy to follow and will cleanse your liver naturally:

1. Foods that help in liver detox

foods that help in liver detox

Diet is probably the foremost of liver healing methods you should take care of. There are several ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s you need to keep in mind while making a healthy liver diet.

Replace your refined carbs (white pasta, white bread) with whole-grain cereals (whole grain bread, whole grain pasta). Your platter should include dietary fibre, unsaturated fats (butter, oil), good fats (milk thistle, nuts, seeds, fatty fishes) and fluids.

According to a 2015 study posted in an evidenced-based journal, several plant foods are expected to be helpful in liver cleansing. These include watermelon, papaya, avocado, beetroot, carrots, lemon, broccoli, barley & brown rice. Dieticians often suggest the same when it comes to liver health.

Don’t eat raw or undercooked food to avoid transmission of Hepatitis viruses.

Instead of red meat, consume lean meat and sea fishes with high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids.

2. Maintain proper hygiene

Maintain hygiene to keep liver safe

Get into the habit of washing your hands with soap after using the bathroom or before preparing food. This is an effective way to detox your liver without spending your hard-earned money.

DO NOT share your items (razor, toothbrush etc.) with anyone as they may get contaminated with the body fluids another user.

3. Booze prudently

Alcohol is a strict NO-NO while shortlisting foods good for the liver. This beverage is a stubborn enemy of your liver. The best option for you is certain to quit drinking altogether. If you are a social drinker, know your limit and dose from your health care provider.

4. Exercise regularly

Physical Exercises yoga for liver

According to various studies and supporting hypotheses on liver health, regular physical exercise can improve your fatty liver condition.

You can also include [3] aerobics in your fitness regime if you are a habitual alcoholic. Aerobics boost your metabolism and provides oxidative protection to an alcoholic liver.

A study in the European Scientific Journal suggests that yoga has an effective impact on reducing your weight. Yoga also helps in decreasing the level of globulin (a type of enzyme) in your blood. Rise of globulin level in your blood leads to liver problems.

Some of the best liver detox yoga poses are- Marjarayasana, SetuBandhaSarvangasana, Bhujangasana and Bitilasana.

5. Avoid contamination

Contamination often leads to serious liver problems [4], if you do not use needles or other intravenous instruments carefully. Using non-sterile syringes is not prevalent these days. But if you find such a case, immediately follow-up with your doctor.

Also, if you undergo skin penetration (tattoo or ear piercing), make sure your beautician uses a clean and sterilised needle.

Strange but true avoiding contamination is one of the safest ways to detox your liver and keep ailments at bay.

6. Healthy Weight

weight loss helps in reducing liver fat

One of the main causes of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is obesity. Therefore, if you are looking for effective home remedies for detoxifying your liver, you should work on losing excess weight.

Reduction of obesity [5] also reduces the accumulation of fat in your liver. Therefore, you are at a lesser risk of liver diseases.

Some of the other liver detox home remedies include:

  • Avoiding toxins viz. insecticides, flavours or aerosol products that can cause harm to your liver cells.
  • Practising sex with multiple partners increases your risk of Hepatitis B and C virus transmission. So, enjoy a healthy sex life with necessary precautions.
  • Make sure every member of your family gets [3] vaccination of Hepatitis A and B.Vaccination can prevent virus attack from normal lifestyle.
  • Avoid using illicit drugs that include pain-killers, sedatives, hashish, cocaine and many more belonging to this category.
  • Try to include foods that cleanse the liver and boost its normal function. You will come across various liver detox recipes in the online tutorials and can take your best pick from them.

Is your liver detox working?

A few ways in which you can understand your liver detox home remedies are showing effective results:

  • Mood fluctuation

    liver cleansing remedy

    It happens as there is a sudden change in your dietary habits. Chocolate, for example, sends out dopamine signals to your brain nerves which elevate your mood. As a result, when you suddenly cut down on eating chocolates you feel low and irritated. At times the toxins when flushed out of your body cause irritability of mood. It is a normal part of your detoxification process.

  • Fatigue and sleep disturbance

    Your doctor may recommend you for cleansing your liver probably the best liver detox remedy are to follow a healthy diet. For that, you may have to cut down on certain foods. As a result, you may feel fatigued and have sleep disorders. But this is a temporary or transitory change in your health. Once you get accustomed to your prescribed diet, these symptoms will fade away gradually.

    You can combat this problem by rescheduling your routine in a way so that you have adequate sleep. Do not overstress yourself with excess workload or exercise routine. Have 8 hours of undisturbed sleep so that your body absorbs all the nutrients from your detox diet.

  • Digestive disorder

    healthy liver diet

    Having digestive problems like gas, flatulence, nausea and bloating may be a part of your liver cleansing process. So don’t be panicked if the problem persists for a longer time while detoxing your liver.

    Certain foods are beneficial to detox your liver (e.g. detox tea). It acts as a diuretic and therefore has strong effects on your bowel and urinary movements. As a result, you may have a stomach problem and nausea.

    It is not a worrisome symptom as long as there is no other symptom. But, if your discomfort is accompanied with bouts of throw up you may need some further medical intervention.

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  • Headache

    Headache due to liver detox

    It is one of the common symptoms you may face in switching over to a detox diet. Often withdrawal of caffeine or sugar from your diet is the reason behind this problem. Therefore, you can replace coffee with detox tea to ease your discomfort. Also, drinking plenty of water and other healthy fluids can help you get rid of a headache.

  • Acne

    Breaking out of acnes is not a very common symptom for anyone who undergoes a detox diet. Sometimes, if you are undergoing rigorous exercise along with toxin release diet, you may have an acne problem. You should observe if you have experienced an acne breakout while you are on a liver cleansing diet. If so, then you may have to focus on your fat intake. Cutting down on your Omega 6 fatty acid intake can reduce such eruption.
    If your acne problem persists even after detoxification of your liver then you may be having some skin problem.

The Monk’s Advice

This article gives you a guideline about the various home remedies you can take for keeping your liver healthy. Choose the best ways to detox your liver and see how they work for you. You can see noticeable differences in your overall health within a month.

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