10 Weight loss tips for working women

As we enter the professional world, ‘schedule’, ‘hectic’, ‘deadline’, ‘target’ all these terms become a part and parcel of our lives. Unknowingly we enter a rat race which takes a heavy toll on our health leading us to various health issues, obesity being one of them.

However, if you could maintain a healthy work-life balance by bringing some modifications in your lifestyle you can achieve your goal without much difficulty.

Losing excess weight is not an impossible task for a professional as it may seem to you. The only thing you need is a compact planning and working on it sincerely. Lastly, as we all know, “health is wealth”, only if you are physically fit can you achieve your goals in life.

Below are given the top 10 weight loss tips for working women who want to get rid of their extra calories:

1. Self-motivation is your driving force

weight loss motivation for women

Losing weight is never an easy task but you can make it possible if you are motivated in achieving your goal. An easy tip for motivating yourself is to write down all your reasons for losing weight on a piece of paper. It will help you stay focused on your target if you ever tend to stray from your workout routine. Make a SMART plan for achieving stronger goals. Let’s take look what SMART stands for:

    • S- specialised
    • M-measurable
    • A-attainable
    • R-realistic
    • T-timely

First, start with the easy ways to lose weight and gradually move on to the harder ones. It will add a boost to your confidence and enthusiasm.

2. Eat healthily, stay healthier

best way to lose weight for working women

For a working woman, it is absolutely necessary to get sufficient nutrition from her regular diet for keeping herself fit and active. Skipping any meal is a strict no-no if you really want to lose weight effectively. Instead, you can follow these fat burning tricks and see how quickly they work:

      • Try to have the largest portion of the meal for breakfast as it will give you the fuel for working all day long. Keep your lunch smaller and dinner smallest.
      • Drink every day a glass of lukewarm water to which you have added the juice of ½ a lemon.
      • Add more veggies and fruits to your diet as they have a high content of fibre. Keep your carbohydrate and fat intake to the minimum.
      • Instead of a full course meal, you can take a glass of smoothie with seasonal fruits or greens. It is one of the most effective weight loss tips for working woman who wants to lose weight through a restricted diet.

3. Early to bed and early to rise

body fat loss for women

After a tiring day’s work, your body needs 7-9 hours of undisturbed sleep at night. For that, try to go to bed at 10 o’clock at night. Sufficient sleep keeps your cortisol (it is also known as stress hormone) level in balance and as a result of your body weight also remains under control.

A sound sleep at night also detoxifies your body and boosts your energy for the next working day. Check on your activities that make you keep awake till late at night. Chronic sleep deprivation (which happens mostly due to uncontrolled use of electronic devices) affects our metabolism and leads us to eat more. As a result, our body weight increases rapidly. You can instead listen to your favourite song or a recitation that induces your sleep faster.

4. Enjoy the benefits of walking

fat burning tricks for working women

Walking is one of the most effective ways to lose weight especially if you are a working woman and cannot afford to spend time on regular work out. Doctors and fitness trainers always suggest walking as an exercise for their clients and patients as it helps in cutting fat from your body very fast.

If you travel by public transport, you can take your bus one stop after the usual stop or you can get down from the bus one stop before your destination and cover the distance in between by walking. You can apply the same principle if you go to your workplace by private vehicle.

Tip: A brisk walk for 20 minutes in your garden every night after dinner helps in improving your digestion. Going to bed immediately after meals slows down our metabolism and it gradually adds to our calorie count.

5. Lose weight naturally by doing Yoga

workouts to burn your extra calories

‘Yoga’ the word itself resonates a sense of seriousness in our minds when we read an article or watch a video on this ancient Indian philosophy. But, in reality, yoga is a natural technique which is primarily based on our breathing mechanism for the holistic development of our mind and body.

Prolonged research studies have proved the long-lasting effects of yoga for reducing your weight. Consult a yoga trainer or go through different online video classes that can help you find easy ways to lose weight.

6. Special K diet for body fat loss

special k diet for working women

Are you looking for an easy weight loss tip to get rid of your extra pounds? Special K diet can make half your task easy as it is made up of low fat and low-calorie ingredients and easy to maintain for working professionals.

A survey of 2002 suggests, following special K diet for 14 days (for breakfast and lunch along with regular dinner) can slash down your body weight up to 6 lbs. For women who have to work long hours and have time restraint for regular exercise, special K diet can be a feasible option for them.

Check your BMI (Body Mass Index) before starting your special K diet and recheck after one month. You will certainly find a noticeable difference between the two.

You can consult a nutritionist or a fitness expert for getting a detailed special k diet plan which suits your body requirements.

7. Say NO to alcohol and YES to caffeinated beverages

weight loss recipes

Alcohol has been held responsible by various research studies for increasing your cholesterol very fast. If you are a professional and have to attend social gatherings the first thing you need to learn is to abstain from taking a sip into cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. Even if it is an occasion, consumption of alcohol will slow down the effects of your work-out for weight loss.

Alternatively, a cup of infusion or green tea will multiply the effects of fat burning many times as these beverages are loaded with caffeine and anti-oxidants. Both of these compounds will benefit in losing some extra pounds provided you do not mix any sweetening agent in them.

8. Diet plan tips to avoid intake of extra calories

easy ways to lose weight for women

A bit of trick while preparing your diet chart can save you from doing a number of fat burning exercises. Here are some of the tips on making a healthy diet plan:

      • EAT foods that contain unsaturated fat as it helps in reducing your bad cholesterol (LDL). Avocados, nuts, fatty fish (with omega 3 fatty acids) etc. are good sources of unsaturated fats.
      • AVOID foods containing trans-fat it reduces your good cholesterol (HDL). Intake of red meat, dairy products etc. should be kept to a minimum.
      • ADD more soluble fibre to your diet. Legumes, flax seeds, whole grain cereals etc. can make a healthy meal for you without increasing your weight.
      • Keep yourself hydrated all day long. Water is a natural cleanser and flushes out toxins from your body.
      • STAY SAFELY AWAY from fizzy drinks if you are on weight loss diet. Such drinks have a very high-calorie count and will increase your weight rapidly even if you cut down on other sources of calorie in your diet.

9. Physical activity in day to day life

body fat loss techniques

Spending 8-9 hours of the day away at the workplace often leads to a lack of involvement with family and friends for professionals and your involvement with the electronic media and the virtual world increases unknowingly.

With the advancement of technology, you can get everything you need for your daily life just with a few clicks of the mouse or simply by touching on your mobile screen.

Even, interaction with relatives and friends is controlled by the internet and electronic devices. As a result, you feel lethargic to go your nearest market for buying groceries or visit a relative’s house on a weekend. Such habits have serious adverse effects on our health and obesity is one of those.

If you can bring a little modification in your busy work schedule and incorporate such activities that bring you closer to the society it will improve your quality of living and keep you physically active which in turn benefits you in achieving your target.

10. Electronic distractions while eating food

tips for burning calories for working women

Modern life is more about mobiles, internet, social media, networking and so many more to add to the list which causes as much harm to our lives as they make our lives easier and smarter.
Often while eating we keep ourselves busy playing video games or sending messages through the internet to friends. We also love to watch our favourite channel while having dinner as this is the only time of the when we have some free time. But, such habits makes us absent-minded and we lose focus on our eating. As a result, we end up eating more and adding more calories which require a lot of effort to get rid of later.


Ideally, the BMI range of a healthy adult female is between 18-25 and 22 is considered to be approximately normal. A healthy body weight for a woman lies between (50-55) kg. And if you cross way beyond that range it’s probably time for you to start working on your fitness.

It may not be easy at first as it may seem to be, but it will always be worth your effort. Stay Fit!

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