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Yoga poses for good metabolism

8 Yoga workout for better digestion

As said in the Ayurveda, ‘Agni’ or fire symbolizes nutrition and awareness. It is manifested by your body in different ways. In other words,...
8 best prenatal yoga exercises second trimesters

8 Prenatal yoga exercises during the second trimester

As you enter the second trimester of your pregnancy, your discomfort related to morning sickness gradually subsides. Your body starts gaining more energy for...
how to get rid of lower belly fat

How to lose belly fat fast

Losing belly fat is not a day or a week or a month play. It is something you have not gained in a week, so...
how to lose weight from your buttocks and thighs

7 Best yoga exercises to lose hip fat and thigh fat fast

Do you have to sit at your office desk for long hours bending your hips or back? Accommodating your body in such positions...
first trimester of pregnancy changes and symptoms

10 Body changes during the first trimester of pregnancy

A normal pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks. These pregnancy weeks are divided into three trimesters in which the first trimester starts on your first day...