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foods to avoid during pregnancy

23 foods to avoid during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a delicate period for women. Expecting mothers need to be extra cautious about what they eat. They must eat a nutritious diet which...

Flaxseed health benefits,nutritional content and side-effects

In the recent years, dieticians and health experts have started recommending flaxseeds in your diet. Do you know why? How can you get flax nutrition...
how to get rid of lower belly fat

How to lose belly fat fast

Losing belly fat is not a day or a week or a month play. It is something you have not gained in a week, so...

18 Natural remedies for constant constipation problem

Constipation is a problem which affects about 20% Americans every year. It exists between 12% - 25% of the population across different countries. It is...
how to lose weight from your buttocks and thighs

7 Best yoga exercises to lose hip fat and thigh fat fast

Do you have to sit at your office desk for long hours bending your hips or back? Accommodating your body in such positions...